Architect, Catholic University of Valparaíso. Master in City Planning, Yale University. Researcher at SUR Profesionales Consultores S.A., President of the Corporation for Social Studies and Education. Member of the National Council for Urban Development (2014/2018). He has been a consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)the Urban Environmental Management Program (UEMP), the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS-Habitat)the Organization of American States (OAS) in Latin American countries; for Ministries of Housing and Urbanism, Public Works, and National Assets, and various municipalities in Chile. Experience on urban policies, social housing, urban violence and gender, and local and regional development plans. He has been vice president of the College of Architects of Chile. He is part of the Editorial Committees of several magazines in the Region and has published books and articles. Sergio Larraín García Moreno Award 2013, awarded by the Chilean College of Architects to the architect who has distinguished himself in the academic or research field. 2018 Edwin Haromoto Nishikimoto Chair Award for his extensive work in improving the residential habitat and the territory, mainly in those socially most vulnerable sectors.