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For more than 40 years, SUR Profesionales Consultores S.A. stated mission has been to contribute to a democratic, sustainable, inclusive, and gender-equitable development of the country.

Its members, representing different branches of the Social Sciences, have carried out this mission either via consultancy and advisory to State and private entities, evaluation and monitoring of public policies and interventions, or/and development of community plans and programs, training and strengthening of citizen actors, generation, and transmission of knowledge in matters of SUR’s competence.


We promote urban planning approaches focused on the quality of life of cities’ inhabitants. To that purpose, we formulate, evaluate, and assist on urban development plans and policies at local or communal, intercommunal, regional, and national scales.

We generate strategic information for the design of public policies and programs promoted by both State and civil society, as well as regarding their management models, their performance, results, and impacts. In this area we apply various quantitative, qualitative, and participatory evaluation techniques, with high standards of quality and public ethics.

We design and implement models and practices of social intervention and strengthening of associative dynamics towards coexistence and citizen participation in the territories. In this area, we support participatory co-production of territories by citizens and carry out training and updating skills programs with public actors and civil society, aiming at increasing citizen influence over their development.

We investigate sociocultural and urban processes within the framework of public policies, using quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methodologies.