We promote urban planning approaches focused on the quality of life of cities’ inhabitants. To that purpose, we formulate, evaluate, and assist on urban development plans and policies at local or communal, intercommunal, regional, and national scales.

Our approach

  • We are focused on the strengthening of participatory democracy in city planning and management.
  • We promote more just cities, without inequalities, segregation, or exclusions of any kind and with gender equality.
  • We promote the design of safe, accessible neighborhoods and spaces that favor the encounter and their appropriation by communities, as well as the incorporation into the urban fabric of neighborhoods and urban spaces that are not integrated into it.

Our work 

  • We carry out diagnoses for urban planning, using information technologies, surveys, qualitative techniques, and participatory research.
  • We formulate and design short-, medium- and long-term plans, involving communities and public and private actors in the territory.
  • We prepare physical and social investment projects to materialize development plans.
  • We design monitoring and evaluation systems for urban plans.
  • We propose governance models for planning.

We collaborate with 

  • Regional governments.
  • Undersecretariat for Regional Development.
  • Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.
  • National Council for Urban Development.

Completed projects

  • “Villa Tralcamahuida Neighborhood Master Plan, El Quisco”. Regional Ministerial Secretariat, Region of Valparaíso, Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. Execution period: June 2019-June 2020.
  • “Updating of the Community Development Plan, Sierra Gorda commune”. Municipality of Sierra Gorda. Execution period: December 2017-March 2018.
  • “Design and execution of Phase III of the Neighborhood Recovery Program, Santa Adriana, Lo Espejo”. Regional Ministerial Secretariat, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. Execution period: December 2017-March 2018.
  • “Updating the Communal Development Plan of the Putaendo Commune”. I. Municipality of Putaendo. Execution period: February 11-August 05, 2015.
  • “Formulation of the Institutional Educational Project of the CEP High School, and Training in the Design of Institutional Educational Projects for Management Teams of the Municipal High School of Pudahuel”. Municipal Corporation for Social Development of Pudahuel. Execution period: March-June 2010.
  • “Update of the El Bosque Community Development Plan”. Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago. Execution period: November 2010-July 2011.
  • “Participatory methodology to obtain architecture designs and specialties for the Villa Santa Clara projects, Cerro Navia commune.” I. Municipality of Cerro Navia. Execution period: September-December 2009.
  • “Development of the Neighborhood Recovery Program, in the El Porvenir neighborhood, Cerro Navia commune.” Stages I, II, and III. Regional Ministerial Secretariat, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Ministry of Housing and Urbanism Chile Barrio Program. Execution period: December 2008-December 2010.